Because to remember means "going through the heart again"; is that every vision, every breath, every moment at CasaMolle has been imagined to endure in our memory as something alive, vibrant and endearing. More than a place, our invitation is to inhabit a sequence of sensations, emotions, gestures and moments that will live with us forever.

Recibe nuestras novedades.


    Atomic! Not to forget... Everything incredible, 100% recommended. Details, decoration, attention, service, activities, staff always caring. The unbeatable gastronomy, exquisite! And tremendous and complete bar. Best hotel!

    Francisca Cruz


    Excellent hotel!
    Beautiful place and excellent service. Very committed so our stay would be fantastic. I totally recommend it! The gastronomy of the place was excellent, surprising us every day with exquisite preparations. The hotel also includes different activities such as horseback riding and star gazing.

    Family Sepúlveda


    Luxury entrance door to the Elqui Valley Casamolle is a pleasantly unexpected experience at the entrance to the valley. All very well preserved in order to make the stay an aesthetic experience. The cactus gardens evoke a zen garden of how well maintained they are. The variety of corners, each with its own atmosphere. The comfort of the rooms. And above all the level of service and friendliness of the staff makes everything perfect in our 5-day stay.

    Family Ringeling


    Everything's perfect.
    Room very well decorated and with a very nice terrace. Wonderful swimming pools. Staff very attentive and concerned about all our needs. Really exquisite food every day. Many activities for the whole family. And the hot tubs a plus.

    Family Gelfenstein


    A wonderful place to rest and with many activities for all ages.
    There is nothing that needs to be changed or improved. Everything is great: delicious food, excellent service and in a beautiful place. And very beautifully decorated. All the details as far as dining rooms, terraces, swimming pools are special and the hand of the decorator -who happens to be the owner of the Hotel- is very noticeable.

    Family Peddar


    Absolutely recommendable.
    Very good attention. Very good infrastructure. Deluxe meals and drinks. Very safe enclosure. Varied activities. Near Coquimbo.
    Without restrictions of schedules in facilities. Cleanliness in rooms, dining rooms and surroundings. A big and very friendly staff.

    Gonzalo Bullard


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