About CasaMolle

CasaMolle was born after a pause in our lives for a period of three years, period in which we travelled through Chile and the world with our family treasuring everything that we loved, what we cherished and what we were captivated for in all the different places we visited. Full of energy and motivation, on our return we decided to transform our weekend home into a hotel and share this place so dear to us. We started little by little without a master plan. We took decisions as we kept going and so after 4 years of very entertaining construction, decoration and landscaping -where every corner is full of love and dedication- we finished our hotel CasaMolle which we are completely in love with.

To choose CasaMolle is to choose quality, good taste, tranquility, peace, happiness, memories, it is to choose to stay, to be part, to live, to dream, and then to remember and treasure.

Karim & Marisol

Architecture and Interior Design

We are inspired mainly by our landscapes, environment and valley, rescuing their colors, textures and shapes to achieve mimicry and be part of it.

Also the millenary Molle culture has been source of inspiration at the time of designing our lanterns, doors, signs and specially our amphitheater that is a replica of a Molle vessel. Inside, it is decorated with loom-woven blankets from the north of our country, torches and sheepskins and on the outside covered by grecas and handmade pieces of ceramic stoneware. All together make this great vessel a true work of art where we perform endless activities such as ancestral ceremonies, rituals, wedding blessings, and so on.

The architecture of CasaMolle is a combination of constructions types such as the altiplanoes with low walls and adobe widths creating small environments within a large space as citadels, pyramidal roofs of totora, a material present in our surroundings, as well as the pitch which we use for our closures and boundaries and the stone used in trails and some walls.

The architecture of the hotel was based mainly on rescuing the existing resources in the place such as totora, pitch, stone, maicillo and adobe, considering the climatic conditions and making the most of its rich soils by creating orchards and diverse gardens with an endless native species, cactus and succulent fruit trees thus achieving an identity with its environment.

In the interior design of CasaMolle we use noble and simple materials such as wood and wicker with organic textures such as linen, cotton and sisales in a range of earth and pastel colors.



CasaMolle, Elqui Valley




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