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Relaxing massage

It is applied on the whole body with emphasis on the back of the body and the lower neck, with slow and long movements, but with firm and progressive pressure, it aims to discharge stress and accumulated tension.

Hot stone massages

Volcanic stones that are heated to an ideal temperature and are passed through the body, providing a pleasant sensation.
It is an energetic and healing therapy that seeks balance of body, mind and soul.

Facial Massage

Stimulates the scalp, neck, shoulders and face, releasing the whole muscular and energetic blockade. Relaxes tensions and helps relieve migraines and decrease thoughts

Lymphatic drainage massage

Gentle, subtle and rhythmic massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. Strengthens the immune system, eliminates fluid retention and toxins from your body.

Massage for pregnant women

Massage that provides a moment of deep well-being, ideal for relieving the discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain and tired legs.


Massage carried out by working on the reflex zones of each organ located on the feet. It stimulates the immune system, alleviates the stress and improves blood flow by helping to regain the harmony and well-being

Decontracting massage

The decontracting massage is used to relax the musculature and dissolve the contractures that are produced by stress, excess of exercise, bad postures, lack of rest or a life too sedentary. During the massage process, the most tense and tired muscles are identified, performing maneuvers, techniques and pressures for regain their function, normal mobility and reduce the pain that is caused by it.

Tuina Massage

Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that seeks to align the flow of energy, helping the natural balance. Relieves contractures, releases tension, stimulates and harmonizes the nervous system

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo therapy is an alternative therapy for relaxation and physical improvement that deeply stimulates the skin, muscles, adipose tissue and nervous system by soft and pleasant contact with different bamboo canes applied to each body zone, according to the patient`s need. The results and benefits of bamboo therapy are obtained thanks to the stimulus generated by friction, percussion and center-pressure of bamboo canes, actions that trigger neuronal, circulatory, nervous, muscular, cellular, energetic and emotional actions and they are also the complete circuit of relaxation and the elixir that we so much seek to conceive the deepest state of physical, mental and spiritual tranquility.

Crystal therapy

It is a bioenergetic tool based on the ancestral knowledge of crystals to regulate the energetic, emotional and physical state of a person, acting on the biomagnetic envelope (aura) and its energy centers (chakras.)

Floral Therapy

The floral essences help people to evolve and to be happy with their lives and relationships, it is extraordinary for the development of the most basic things in a person`s life: self-esteem, preventive self-care of physical and emotional health and mental development.


Reiki assumes that there is a vital energy of the Universe that is everywhere: in the Cosmos, in Nature, in ourselves.
When that energy flees through our body our defenses are active, and our organism can experience maximum well-being.
When this energy stops flowing, illnesses, stress, anxiety and other discomforts appear.

Group Meditations

Meditation is a form of consciousness, the objective of these meditations is to concentrate the calm and recharge the batteries so that we can remove turbulence from the mind by embracing transparency and clarity within us to share our well-being with us and with all our relationships. Accompanied by energetic cleansing and alignment of chakras and quartz bowls.

Tai chi

Martial art of Chinese origin that improves the quality of life both in a physical and mental way through the practice of very slow and precise movements.


Sonotherapy is a very old discipline that uses the voice and musical instruments to generate certain vibrations that have a beneficial effect on our organism. Vibrations make it possible to restore and correct the frequency of resonance, thus restoring health to the body’s sick parts.

Facial Cleansing

It is a procedure that allows to remove make-up residues, impurities and dead cells from the face. The cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and mask help to combat acne and regenerate skin.

Manicure and pedicure

Cosmetic beauty treatment for nails and hands. In a manicure, the edges of the nails are cut or filed, hands are massaged and nail polish is applied. When this procedure is performed on the feet, it is called pedicure.



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