CasaMolle Bride and Groom is a program that adapts to your requirements.
Our team is in charge of organizing even the smallest detail to make your celebration memorable, our proposal goes far beyond a party, it is an experience to share with the ones you love the most. With an incomparable landscape, the clearest skies and a pleasant temperature all year round, CasaMolle invites you to live every celebration in an unforgettable way with the best service and exclusive attention. We have 24 double and triple rooms that will accommodate a large number of guests, this service includes all meals, drinks, activities and entertainment.


One of the spaces is our lagoon with ducks, birds, trees, mountains, to then reach the main altar and begin the ceremony.


Surprise with a wonderful outdoor ceremony.

El Molle is catalogued as the first pre-Hispanic agro-pottery settlement in the Norte Chico, and the amphitheater is one of the spaces that represents this culture.


With capacity for 180 people, this room is amazing, set in an air-conditioned environment and overlooking the golf course. You will be amazed by the plants and flowers in their maximum splendor. Great decoration on each table, details that will make this an unforgettable event. The decoration of the party, the ceremony, the lighting of the event, the ornamentation of the altar, the floral arrangements and every detail, are in the hands of CasaMolle. The large spaces and detailed decoration offered by the hall create the ideal atmosphere for all guests to enjoy the dinner and subsequently live an unforgettable celebration.”


CasaMolle, Elqui Valley

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