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¡Bienvenido a CasaMolle! Nuestro acogedor hotel está situado en el Norte de Chile, a tan solo 500 km (250 millas) al norte de Santiago, en el extremo sur del impresionante desierto de Atacama, en la hermosa región de Coquimbo. En esta tierra conocida por sus exquisitas uvas de mesa, jugosas frutas y el famoso pisco, el destilado más querido de Chile, encontrarás el refugio perfecto para tus vacaciones. Desde nuestra huerta orgánica, te invitamos a saborear lo mejor de la gastronomía chilena en una experiencia culinaria de alta gama. Nuestro hotel se extiende majestuosamente sobre 17 Hectáreas de terreno, ofreciéndote los cielos más claros y limpios del mundo. Rodeado de ríos y exuberante vegetación, y con una cancha de Golf Par 3, el entorno es simplemente mágico y perfecto para disfrutar de experiencias al aire libre.

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Hotel CasaMolle

Welcome to CasaMolle! Our cozy hotel is located in northern Chile, just 500 km (250 miles) north of Santiago, on the southern edge of the stunning Atacama Desert, in the beautiful Coquimbo region.

In this land known for its exquisite table grapes, juicy fruits and the famous pisco, Chile’s most beloved distillate, you will find the perfect refuge for your vacation. From our organic garden, we invite you to savor the best of Chilean gastronomy in a high-end culinary experience. Our hotel extends majestically over 17 hectares of land, offering you the clearest and cleanest skies in the world. Surrounded by rivers and lush vegetation, and with a Par 3 golf course, the setting is simply magical and perfect for enjoying outdoor experiences.

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How to get to the Elqui Valley?

Vacations near Santiago

CasaMolle has the perfect connection for your vacation. It is located 500 km from Santiago and has varied flight schedules, which makes it an easy and quick destination. We have connectivity with different airlines, such as Jetsmart, Sky and LATAM with direct flights from different cities in Chile.

We invite you to discover the magic of the Elqui Valley and be amazed by its sky, designated as the “First International Sanctuary of Dark Skies in the World”, just 45 minutes by plane from Santiago.
Hotel CasaMolle is located only 25 minutes from La Serena airport

Book your stay now and start writing your story at Hotel CasaMolle.
CasaMolle, Elqui Valley.

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Guided Experiences

Hotel CasaMolle awaits you with unique experiences with our guides and specialists! Enjoy family vacations and romantic getaways in an environment designed to enjoy and find inner balance.
We offer exciting activities for children, in an enclosed and well-kept circuit for adults to enjoy relaxing experiences. Come and live CasaMolle and renew your energy!
Discover the magic of Hotel CasaMolle, where sport, nature, culture and relaxation converge in a magical environment. Our excellent service guarantees comfort and fun for the whole family.
Feel good again and return home with a completely renewed spirit.
We promise you unforgettable sensations!

Guided meditation

A simple and easy meditation method suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.

Horseback riding from Pisco Elqui

Ride through different parts of our valley. Learn about our history, touring our lands from a different perspective. Our horseback rides will allow you to reach isolated places to enjoy beautiful views with the unique colors that this area offers. Experience the peasant life with our muleteers and their environment. pre-cordilleran.


Meditation to open the chakras, to release anxieties and to help you in any meditation and healing process. Available every day.

Laughter Therapy

Generates mental and emotional benefits through laughter. It is usually carried out through group activities that aim to make participants leave these sessions feeling more positive and optimistic.

Tai chi

Mind & body practice. Martial art style is also known as moving meditation.

Astro observation

A must-see for anyone who loves life. Elqui Valley is recognized and designated as the First International Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world. World, by the International Dark Skies Association (IDA) Duration: 1 to 2 hours. Available: Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.

Meditation, white quartz circle

Different asanas or postures are practiced harmonized with breathing, beneficial for both body and mind.

Free Experiences

The magical setting of CasaMolle is magical. Surrounded by the natural beauty, birds and unique landscapes of our valley.
We have activities for all tastes, in a well cared space, for you to enjoy without worries.
If you need disconnection and relaxation, you are looking for the right place. Welcome to our Hotel!


Challenging 9-hole golf course with 18 tees. Available every day. Private golf lesson with extra charge.


Cycling and getting to know different places in our Valley. For example, you can walk along the old railway line, a 6 km route starting from our hotel, a walk to enjoy with the family, as it is suitable for adults and children.

Swimming pool

In the warm days of the Elqui Valley, you can enjoy the pleasant temperature of the water of our heated pool without losing the beauty of the landscape. You can also enjoy our outdoor swimming pools. Available every day. See here


Surrounding routes with challenging summits. Difficulties: low - medium - high. Abundant semi-desert biodiversity Amazing views. Duration: 2 to 3 hours. Available every day.

Kayak tours, Casa Molle Lagoon

Recreational kayaking in our lagoon. Available every day.

Rides in Grand Tour Racer family cart

Fun for the whole family. With its attractive appearance and low-maintenance design, this bike has a lot to offer. to deliver. Available every day.

Boccia Game

Boccia is a ball game based on precision and hard, tactical play. Two players, or two teams, compete. Each team has 6 colored balls. The objective is to place the balls as close to the target ball as possible. Available every day.

Chopper duo rides

Playing together is much more fun than playing alone! This pedal car is suitable for children from 5 years of age. Available every day.

Pony Rides

Children can enjoy pony rides through CasaMolle. This activity is recommended for children from 3 to 13 years old.

Hot Jars

We have 6 outdoor wooden tubs or hot tubs ideal for relaxing and enjoying a spectacular view of the mountain. Available every day.



At CasaMolle, our high-end cuisine and our dedication to offer you a personalized experience are our greatest satisfaction. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of flavors and sensations that we have prepared for you. We are waiting for you to delight you with the best of our gastronomy and hospitality!



The perfect combination of nature and culture will surprise you with every step you take. Admire the majestic vineyards that produce some of the best wines in the world, while you delight in a gastronomy that is distinguished by its exquisiteness and authenticity.


Spa & Wellness

Rest, revitalize your body & mind. Continuous stress creates muscular tension and a feeling of tiredness, which often cannot be restored during sleep. That is why massages are ideal for this type of situation so common in our present, as they relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow.


Swimming pools

Let yourself be carried away by the serenity of its crystalline waters and take advantage of this space as your own relaxation sanctuary. Let us pamper you and assure you an unforgettable experience, where harmony and tranquility intertwine to create moments of absolute peace. We are waiting for you in our exclusive pool for you to experience unique moments of pleasure and well-being!



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